Achieving Goals Is Important To Me

Achieving Goals Is Important To Me

Achieving goals is important to me.

Some of my days are lazy. Most of them fly by. But regardless of the type of day I have, I make time to work toward my goals.

My goals are motivating. I am grounded and focused because of the goals I set for myself.

Living a fulfilling life is easy

because I am consistently working

 to achieve my life plan.


Some days I work to accomplish personal goals, like paying close attention to my children or assisting my partner in completing home tasks. I view my personal goals to be just as important as my career-related goals.

As I strive toward achieving my work-oriented plans, I am compelled to

move ahead in the workplace. I recognize I can obtain nearly any job I apply for because I work hard and continue to accomplish my professional goals.

My job is more complex and interesting when I maintain steady progress forward. I am proud of my goals and work achievements.

It makes my life more worth living to

know that each day, I have goals to work



 I am thankful to have the resources to establish, work for, and accomplish my goals. Achieving my goals are the greatest successes in my life.

Today, I intend to reflect on my personal and professional goals.


I know that focusing on my goals makes me a more

successful person and fills me with passion

and purpose.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I consistently establish and work toward personal goals?
  1. Are my career-related goals an important focus in my life?
  1. Am I successful in working toward my goals each day? If not, what can I do to ensure that I do something daily that moves me closer to goal achievement?
Personal Reflection Exercises…

Personal Reflection Exercises…

A little pressure is the motivation I need to hurdle over limitations and expectations.


Pressure can be my invigorating teammate.

My work benefits from applying gentle pressure to myself.

It motivates me to do my best.

I thrive under pressure because I am a positive person.

I choose to use it as a performance enhancer.

While others get bent out of shape by pressure, I use it to my advantage.

With the right dose of pressure, I can conquer fear and self-doubt.

I can fly over mountains and accomplish things I would never have accomplished if I worked with mediocrity instead.

Limitations are feeble against me when I am on a  mission.

When under pressure, I only use my time for progress.   Therefore, I stay away from hesitation and procrastination. I simply launch myself into action. Under a little pressure I find that I do not have time to doubt myself. I charge forward simply trying my best. Second guessing myself is out of the question.

If I don’t feel like I have the strength to finish something I’ve started, a little dose of pressure clears up my view quickly. It is in my nature to impress and to perform above the rest.

When others make demands of me, it is because they believe in me. Pressure propels me to exceed their expectations. I embrace the challenge and perform better than I could ever imagine.

I welcome all forms of pressure including competition, deadlines, evaluations, and high expectations. No matter what the challenge is before me, I am ready to leap over it.

Self-Reflection  Questions:

  1.  How can I use pressure to my advantage?
  2. What pressures are before me today?
  3. What would my life look like if I was satisfied with the status quo?