Working out from home doesn’t mean you’re limited to walking or even a slow jog. You can mix it up and keep things fresh and fun with workout videos or DVDs. This works great on days when it’s pouring down rain outside or you can’t head out for your daily walk because the kids are napping or it’s too dark by the time you make it home from work.


Picking different workouts is also good for your body. It keeps your muscles from getting too used to a particular routine and different ways of working out will work different areas of your body. It’s good to keep your body on its toes by switching how you stay active. And let’s be honest here, sometimes you just want to mix things up for the fun of it.


If you have an Amazon Prime or Netflix account take a look at the workout videos you can stream from both services. You can quite a few different workouts from kickboxing and yoga to belly dancing and Zumba. Try a few of them and see what you like. There are even some old 80’s videos that will get you laughing while you’re working out (ever heard of Jazzercise?)


Do a search on YouTube. You can find a variety of workouts there and if there’s a particular type of instructor you like, you can look up and buy any fitness DVDs they may have. It’s a nice way to test the waters and see what you like.


Did you know that you can check out videos and DVDs at the library?  Check with your friends to see what they have available. Check out op shops and garage sales.  The idea is to borrow something or buy at a very low cost and see how you like the workout. If it’s a good fit and something you can see yourself doing often, go ahead and buy the DVD.


Once you have a small collection of workout videos, mix it up and rotate through them. If you prefer more of a schedule, set them up like you would exercise classes at the Gym. Do your Zumba workout on Monday, Walk Away The kilos on Wednesday and get sweaty with some Tae Bo on Friday.


The key is to keep it fun and mix things up. Not only will different workout DVDs give you a better overall workout since you’ll be working different muscle groups in different ways, it also keeps it interesting and most importantly keeps you from fudging your way through the routines. Keeping it fresh makes sure you stay engaged and giving it your all.

Final note.

All the highlighted words link to a beginners workout on YouTube so you have something to get you going. I have to say they are certainly fun to watch but I will leave it to you to decide if you want to try them or just get a laugh out of watching.  Just to add watching doesn’t increase fitness nor burn calories!  Just saying.   I have also placed a link to products you can purchase on Amazon it you would rather have your own copy.

Disclaimer: I get a small commission in any product purchased from this site on Amazon.

Keep it Fun with Workout Videos and DVDs