You know strength training is good for you. It increases your lean muscle mass which in turn helps you burn more calories. It’s also an effective way to make sure your bones stay dense and strong well into old age. And that will keep you from breaking a hip or shoulder many years down the road. The good news is that you can do some very effective strength training with nothing more than a couple of chairs and a couple of fruit or vege cans. Here’s how.


Use Your Own Body Weight


The best place to start is with your own body weight. Push ups will work your upper body and shoulder. Lunges, squats, and leg lifts will help get your legs and butt in shape. Come up with a quick and simple routine that uses nothing but your own body weight.


Chairs, Counters And Couches Make Great Tools


Look around and use what you have. Grab a chair and use it along with your body weight to work the backs of your arms and shoulders with arm dips. Use the chair for elevated push ups and give your legs another great workout by stepping on the chair and off. A quick google search for “chair workouts” will give you plenty of other ideas and detailed instructions for each workout.


For a slightly different angle and thus a workout that works different muscles, try doing the arm dips and push ups using your kitchen or bathroom counter. And let’s not forget about the couch. It’s a great partner when it comes to doing crunches. Stick your feet under the couch when you don’t have a workout partner to hold them for you as you move through your ab workout. However, be careful not to us your legs or your back to pull you up abs only.



Grab Those Canned Goods and Water Bottles


Working out at home without fancy equipment doesn’t mean you can’t lift weights and go through your regular upper body workout routine. Just head to your kitchen and grab a couple of cans of corn or green beans. Water bottles will also work well and if you need something even heavier grab to gallon water bottles at the store (or fill two empty and cleaned milk bottles with water).


They make great weights to work your arms and shoulders. Of course the workouts will also work your core as you stabilize your body. Don’t discount the relatively low weight of these containers – particularly the cans and small water bottles. They can be just as effective and make your muscles burn by doing more reps of each set of exercises.


By using what you have and thinking a little outside the box, you can get a very effective workout at home without the need to invest in a bunch of fitness equipment.