There you are, struggling to keep your head above water in a rough sea. Drowning is likely.
With moments to spare, a rescuer arrives and throws you an inflatable life jacket. They have, for the time being, fulfilled their responsibility as rescuer.
But now you have a responsibility. You have to put the jacket on.

Therapy help those who help themselves.

You may believe you just have to show up for a session but if you have adopted a deep passivity about your life, expecting and waiting for things to be done to and done for you, then you will be waiting a long time.
Hypnotherapy and Coaching doesn’t work like that. As practitioners, we work with, not on, our clients. And we need to make sure you know this.
Now some of the popular ideas as to what therapy should be may come from the past when therapy was seen as endless analysis in which the idea was an intellectual exploration rather than a practical improvement in the patient’s life. All the client had to do was talk, the therapist might do a little and somehow change would occur.
This is not how hypnotherapy or coaching works.
As practitioners, we work with, not on, our clients. And we need to make sure they know this.
But to be successful, coaching and hypnotherapy require the client to take ownership of their share of the therapeutic work. Any kind of ‘magical thinking’, particularly in relation to the role of therapy interventions or techniques can become an obstacle to the real work of change.
Magical thinking happens when we (or our clients) assume that change and progress will happen just as a result of them turning up for therapy. We will work our magic and you will miraculously be cured and leave happy and fulfilled problem solved
It isn’t a passive process. It requires your full involvement.
You know, the real change happens inside you and we need to work together. We can work as a team, if you do your part.

Go back to the life jacket analogy: Someone can throw you a life jacket but unless you put it on it is of no use to you.
The same goes for hypnotherapy and coaching. I can give you the tools and support but unless you take responsibility in the process nothing is going to change.

“Now, there is a lot I can help you with. But, of course, you need to let me help you.”

No matter what interventions and techniques we use in our work with you, the point is, it is your own sub-conscious potential that is pivotal.

Never underestimate how much potential you have and how by participating and being full present in your therapy you can really enjoy and explore that to see how far it can take you…
By doing this you encourages greater openness to ideas and expectation of change.
Re-framing thoughts and beliefs in terms of what you can do encourages a sense of capability and reminds you of your personal role in your therapeutic progress.

Now that is very powerful.

“What your patient does and what he learns must be learned from within himself.

There is not anything you can force into the patient.”
Milton Erickson