As my mind receives a daily workout from life’s events, I give my body the physical workout it deserves.

I am determined to stay fit in body and mind. I realize that I only have one body, so I strive to take care of it the best way I can.

There are no shortcuts to having a healthy mind and body. The only way I will have success is to do it the right way.

My body and mind work together, so how I think affects how I feel, and vice versa.

Therefore, I must exercise my mind and keep focused on positive thoughts and emotions.

Of course, my body cannot be neglected; it needs my attention to feed it nutritiously and strengthen it with consistent exercise.

I allow myself to have a healthy mind and a strong body so I can withstand the tests of time and any challenges ahead.

My body needs the endorphin’s and my mind needs the rush of an exciting, fulfilling life.

I know it takes hard work, but I also realize that strengthening my mind and body will bring me health, happiness, and the strength to enjoy life to its fullest.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I strengthen my body and mind?
  2. How can I challenge my abilities?
  3. How will I stay motivated?